Network connectivity defines two things - just how many people will be able to check out a given website simultaneously and how quickly they shall be able to do that. If the connection capacity is lower, for example, the maximum throughput could be reached with only several visitors surfing around the site, so newcomers will be unable to gain access to the webpages, or in another scenario, all website visitors can have problems. In case the capacity is enough, but the server access speed is small, it'll take longer for any webpage on the site to load and this may lead to visitors simply closing the Internet site, if they find that they ought to wait for a couple of minutes just to browse a number of webpages. In this light, if you wish to launch and maintain a profitable online presence, the server in which you host your site should offer both fantastic access speeds and high traffic capacity.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Shared Hosting
When you get a shared hosting service from our company, you'll be able to take advantage of the multi-gigabit routes we use, regardless of the location of your account. We provide fantastic connectivity in all data centers - in Chicago (USA), in Coventry (UK) and in Sydney (Australia), so any site hosted in them will load very quick all the time. Each one of the three facilities has direct fiber connections to other major metropolitan areas on the respective continents, and also to overseas cities, so how quickly your websites will open depends solely on your visitors’ Internet connection. By using redundant providers, we guarantee that there won't be any service interruptions because of a slow or bad connection. We use new powerful hardware to make sure that the network in the data centers can handle higher traffic volumes without having an effect on the speed or the functionality of the sites.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The US data center facility where we offer semi-dedicated hosting plans has top-notch connectivity to both the East Coast and the West Coast. The accounts are created on our revolutionary hosting platform, which uses a multi-gigabit traffic channel, so if you host your sites with us, the speed with which the visitors will open them will depend solely on their Internet connection. The data center uses a range of Internet providers to guarantee that the machines can be reached at any time, regardless of whether there’re infrastructural issues, while the backed up network in the facility guarantees constant communication between the separate groups of web servers that are part of our system. We use top-notch hardware, such as switches, network cards and firewalls, in order to deal with heavy volumes of site traffic.